Promoting Fun and Friendship for
Youth with Down Syndrome

Seniors (18 years +)

Senior Up Club is our group for 18years +. Senior Up Club has events every Friday evening either at our base at Middleton Grange School in Riccarton or out in the community. Senior Up Club also offers splinter groups that run on alternative weeks to full group activities and consist of smaller groups of around 4-6 members. These activities differ each week and are typically more community based events such as sports games, concerts and shows. These splinter group activities are signed up for in advance and are an opportunity for members to further develop their social skills and have fun with friends.

In addition to our Friday night events Seniors also have the opportunity to attend weekends away. These consist of overnight trips to locations around the region such as Hanmer and Kaikoura. These trips are largely organised by the members with staff just there as support when needed. Members plan activities, food, do a budget and book transport and activities with assistance fro youth workers. This gives members a fantastic opportunity to develop further independence and organizational skills.

Please contact our coordinator at for more information on our Senior Up Club program.

Schedule - May to July - 2017